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The Unpleasant Show 2019

The Unpleasant Show | 18th of April – 7th of June 2019 | Jecza Gallery / Calea Martirilor 51/52-53

The Artists: Ana Adam, Apparatus22, Dona Arnakis, Olga Chernysheva, Constantin Flondor, Ioana Nemeș, Mirela Moscu, Mircea Popescu, Diana Popuț

The Veil – The Unpleasant Show

“The veil is one the oldest and most versatile instrument contributing the evolution of our mode of visual perception. It is important to note that the German word Gewand (garment) is etymologically closely related to Wand (wall). Thus it reminds us of the old origin of the room partition, where the use of rough textiles preceded the most simply constructed wall of bricks as a means to separate the interior life from the exterior life, the sacred from the profane, order from chaos. What was behind the curtain was doubtlessly nothing, but it had the quality of existing symbolically, stimulating fantasy and conjuring make-believe worldviews where one could encounter divinity.
What is the artistic truth? A dream within a dream. What is an image of reality? A dream within a dream within a dream. Or to put it more technically, a veil within a veil within a veil. Layers of veils of protective fantasies which would allow one to gaze into the abyssal void and practice focussed attention as creative will: decadent yet candid illusions of a horizon where the intertwined subjective perspectives could become a thing, a community.”
Extracts from the introductory text by Carmen Casiuc

Carmen Casiuc (b. 1994) is an art critic and curator with an interest for art history, visual studies, media theory and psychodynamics. She is currently coordinating the program for atelier 35 (Bucharest), an artist space dedicated to support experimental artistic practices and the plurality of cultural discourses and works in parallel as an independent cultural producer. In the past, she collaborated with V&A Design Museum (London), Nicodim Gallery (Bucharest) and Lehmann Maupin (New York).

Curated by Andrei Jecza
Exhibition design by Adela Maria Marius
Digital Marketing by Alina Doros

Collaborators: Bereta TM, DIEHL, Suprainfinit Gallery, Frameless Gallery and Calabria Entertainment.