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Jecza Gallery at Spark Art Fair 2022 with Catalin Pislaru / Booth B15

It’s a great pleasure for us to invite you to meet again in Vienna, for this year’s edition of Spark Art Fair in Vienna, starting on the 24th of March 2022 at Marx Halle.

We will exhibit this year, recent works by Catalin Pislaru, a young artist born 1988 in the Republic of Moldova, who lives and works in Dusseldorf.

Catalin Pislaru studied painting in the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and finished his master degree in the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, in the class of prof. Florian Pumhösl. He is currently represented by Nir Altman gallery in Munich, who has exhibited his works at Art Cologne, Artissima and MiArt Fair.

Cătălin Pîslaru’s approach is a vivid exploration into drawing based on conceptual construction and free-handed gesture. His compositions are built by delicate, barely noticeable pencil lines intersecting with pigment-thick contours of monochrome shapes. In his latest works organic forms morph into cuneiform shapes. The figurative dissolves into abstraction, yet never fully escapes the composition. Science fiction and poetry lie behind the corner, where the border between man and bird and what is beyond the sky, gets thin.” (source: Nir Altman gallery)



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Special thanks to Nir Altman Gallery who represents Catalin Pislaru and the Romanian Cultural Institute who supports our participation in Vienna.