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INSIDE MY WALLS I SEE YOURS / Martin Asbaek Gallery / Copenhagen / 2016

The first solo exhibition with the Albanian artist Genti Korini on Danish ground.

Inside My Walls I See Yours focuses on the dichotomies of the conventional and the new, form and function, shape and style in a state of hybridity central to Korini ́s oeuvre and his perception of the world around him. Korini studies and reconstructs the modernist agenda of medium and imagery when he asks how does ideology manifests itself through form? The question reverberates through his work as a distinct reminder of the particular events and structural changes that has come to carry significance for Albania. Korini believes in the importance of a dialogue with the modernist tradition that has been interrupted in his country. How, and on what terms is this important dialogue possible today? Our understanding of the development of this ontological reflection and examination of its potentialities in the society ́s new and different political contexts is a possible key to understanding Korini ́s art.