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Guided Tours with Pusha Petrov – The unspoken and other images

Join us every Thursday for a guided tour through the exhibition THE UNSPOKEN AND OTHER IMAGES, curated by Ami Barak, with artist Pusha Petrov.

Due to the current COVID19 restrictions, only 6 people/h are allowed in the space. Reserving your place is mandatory in this case.

About the exhibition:

The artist who lives and works in Timişoara and Paris, is noted as a photographer, but her approach is not strictly limited to the image. She produces and creates works that far exceed the physical gesture of the shutter release.

Her first solo exhibition at Jecza Gallery, Timişoara, will be an overview of her intense activity that characterizes the last years, including two new creations. Her research follows a path from object to individual and is revealed through photographic series, as stated by the artist herself they reveal a hidden identity that hides behind what we perceive in a first gaze.

Being part of a community of Bulgarians from Banat herself, the artist is focused on the concepts of belonging approached in its broadest sense and highlighting an obvious attraction for cultural singularities. Having her roots in this small community, the artist is one of the few who is familiar with the unspoken rules. By revealing them to the outer world, her approach stands out even more because it gives us the feeling of sharing for the sake of the greater good. As the artist herself states, “I am interested in observing both the details and gestures of daily life and the attitudes that continue to mark and preserve the uniqueness of each one. Behind the accumulations and diversity of manufactured and carefully collected objects, the individual is simultaneously absent and present, a paradox of our modernity.”

About the artist:

Currently Pusha Petrov lives and works in Paris and Timişoara and was one of the revelations, I would say major of the Biennial Art Encounters Life: user’s manual in 2017 in which I had the opportunity to be one of the co-curators. Since then she has participated in the Daegu Photography Biennale (2018) in South Korea, The Brick, La Brique, Cărămidă, at the Kunsthalle Mulhouse (2019), Causal Loop, in the frame of curated_by Festival at Charim Gallery Vienna (2019) and recently at EAC (Les Halles) in Porrentruy, Switzerland (2020) and Borderline Art space, Iași (2020).