Art Fair

Jecza Gallery always juxtaposes artists of different generations at Vienna Contemporary. This year the gallery has the pleasure to present works by Roman Cotosman and Mircea Popescu at Stand E16.

Jecza Gallery showcases at stand D13 works of Mihai Olos, Constantin Flondor, Peter Jecza, Liviu Stoicoviciu, alongside Michele Bressan and Genti Korini.

Programmed to overlap with the 55th edition of the Venice Art Biennale's, If A DandeLION Could Talk features a large spectrum of artworks, video works and documentary materials of sigma 1, a historic group active in the 1970’s in Timisoara, Romania, as well as individual

Jecza Gallery, present at several art fairs this year, has consistently tried to create a specific context in which to present a well-defined, dominating tendency of Romanian contemporary art.