Tincuta Marin, Bigfoot Xlll in the studio, oil on canvas 2020,
Tincuta Marin, Still Life No.Xl with Ceramic White Head, 2020, oil on canvas
Tincuta Marin, Was once a “Bigfoot l” in the world of dinosaurs, 2020, oil on canvas

Tincuta Marin

‘My paintings coagulate scenes that do not necessarily subscribe to an aesthetic attitude, but delineate the search for a very personal process of making the image. For me, this project is a complex challenge in seeking and acquiring an own style of state expression through an artistic approach that helps me to reach the unique way of releasing my gesture in response to the chosen subject. The images taken from them are de-structured and re-composed to create various, magical and dynamic compositions, completing the collages through the basics of pictorial-gesture, line, spot and shape. 

In my works I discuss the problems related to magic, dream, form and composition, metamorphosis of the perception filters, the characters rendered by me being deformed, with strange atypical faces. I like to reinterpret the facts of reality into a world of mine, full of magic, beautiful, ugly, through deformations, elongations, twists and turns sending them into a grotesque visual area. I want to suggest the atmosphere of dreams, to express an emotion without resorting to narrative clichés. What I am interested in is the absurd, the exploration of the limits of reality, which can bring about an individual reality.’ Tincuta Marin