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On Duty | Olga Chernysheva


Jecza Gallery has the great pleasure of inviting you at the opening ceremony of the exhibition "On Duty", by the renowned Russian artist Olga Chernysheva, curated by Andrei Jecza.

Opening night: Saturday, 30th of September, at 7 pm, at the Revolution Memorial in Timișoara, Romania.
The exhibition will remain open until October 25, 2017.

The imagery of solitude is further explored by Olga Chernysheva in two series of photographs "On Duty", 2007 and "Guards", 2009. The characters in both these series of photographs are at their place of work, they are not actors posing to fit the artists’ theme. The figures in On Duty are those of workers on the Moscow Metro. They sit in booths at the end of the vast escalators that glide down into the depths of the underground keeping an eye on the progress of the escalator and the passengers it carries. They go unnoticed by the thousands of people who pass them by on their daily commute. Chernysheva has chosen to highlight their presence and reveal that the impassive nature of each worker’s demeanour is redolent with promise. Through the objective and dispassionate nature of her portraiture Cherynsheva exposes the fact that behind each expressionless face lies the depth and complexity of the human mind. In a less secular context one might say the soul. Her later series Guards covers similar territory, the hidden human potential within figures isolated in a boring world governed by minor responsibility over which they have little control. Chernysheva’s describes her impression of alienation in an ostensibly supportive society which she thinks these workers jobs typify:
“The series are brought together by psychological and visual imagery, with human loneliness in a closed space being the leitmotif of their unity. There’s always a human figure in the frame. The characters could be either restrained by the interior circumstances or lost in a space of enormous scale but they’re always on their own”.
Chernysheva’s project is principally to make an account of the lives of ordinary Russian people as they adapt to the huge changes their society is undergoing. For Russians the promise of Perestroika has not been realized. They remain in a limbo in which their aspirations and sense of enablement are remote from the practical opportunities that present themselves on a daily basis. They are not alone in this, throughout so called developed society this sense of powerlessness over individual destiny and lack of control over one’s life is common. Because of this Chernysheva’s work while rooted in Russia concerns itself with issues and feelings that are common to many in other parts of the urbanised world. Essentially Chernysheva is a Realist and it is germane to speculate about her connection with earlier forms of Socialist Realism in Russia and its ideological imperatives. But Chernysheva is no ideologue, she is a chronicler of the everyday.

In collaboration with: DIEHL, Fundatia Triade, Asociatia Memorialul Revolutiei 16-22 Decembrie 1989 din Timisoara

Sponsors: Thesaurus Wines, Moritz Eis, Calabria Entertainment, Café Spinoza.

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