Dan Beudean


Dan Beudean was born in 1980 in Cluj-Napoca. He studied art at the University of Art and Design in Cluj. Today, Dan Beudean lives and works in Cluj-Napoca and is considered one of the best artists dedicated to drawing of his generation. Apart from his interest for drawing, Beudean has recently made a series of installations, sculptures and video works. Dan Beudean's creation has a visionary dimension and, like a medieval artist, he is preoccupied with nature, mysticism and symbolism. His interest, however, draws towards the historical dimension of the 21st century and its socio-political issues. Beudean's drawings capture even the smallest details, regardless of the format chosen, focusing on the physical and spiritual destiny of the contemporary man. Dan Beudean is a critical but subtle observer of the man's attempt to dominate nature in his attempts to acquire it artificially. He admires, however, the perpetual explorational effort that underlies contemporary society.