Dan Beudean, Alex Mirutziu & TAH29 - The Impossible Garden

  • The Impossible Garden / Unit of survival by Alex Mirutziu
  • Curator Liviana Dan / Opening night
  • Exhibition Preview / Alex Mirutziu and Dan Beudean
  • Exhibition Preview / Alex Mirutziu and Dan Beudean
  • Exhibition Preview / Dan Beudean
  • Opening night
  • Opening night
  • Opening night
  • Opening night / Andrei Jecza, Liviana Dan, Dan Beudean, Alex Mirutziu / Installation by Dan Beudean
  • Opening night / Drawings and scupture by Alex Mirutziu
  • Introductory speech at the opening / Alex Mirutziu, Liviana Dan, Andrei Jecza, Dan Beudean / Installation by Dan Beudean
  • Opening night / Alex Mirutziu and Liviana Dan / Installation by Alex Mirutziu
  • Alex Mirutziu,  Dan Beudean, Liviana Dan / Drawing by Dan Beudean
The Impossible Garden / Unit of survival by Alex Mirutziu > <


Jecza Gallery has the great pleasure of inviting you to the opening of the exhibition "The Impossible Garden", curated by Liviana Dan, bringing together in a shifting exhibition project contemporary visual artists Dan Beudean, Alex Mirutziu and The Artist and Himself at 29.

Opening night: Friday, the 23th of June, at 7 PM at Jecza Gallery - Calea Martirilor 1989 51/52-53, Timisoara, Romania.
The exhibition will be open from the 23th of June until the 5th of October 2017.

”The Impossible Garden has the meaning of a reconstruction with a contemporary becoming. Classicism with an organic capital, for some - a turquoise sky, for others - a gospel. To avoid sterility, we use elements of the past, poetic elements, romantic elements. Evaluating positively, it speaks of a cool morning, of light and of an elegant line... The dramatic architecture becomes prominent from the beginning. The drawing, video and photography become performative passages. The drawing turns into engravings. Video and photography are the final products for sculpture.
Historical conventions also focus on sculpture. Reinterpretation uses preparatory or preliminary steps. Unattainable and radically vulnerable. The Impossible Garden becomes an island of art.” (Extract of curatorial concept by curator Liviana Dan).

Liviana Dan is an art critic, an art historian and a curator. She is the former coordinator of the Department of Contemporary Art at the Brukenthal National Museum in Sibiu and former interim director of the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest. She completed her studies of art history and art theory in Bucharest, Prague and Vienna. She received scholarships at KulturKontakt Austria (1994), J.P. Getty Foundation (1996) and RAVE Foundation (2001). Liviana Dan took part of various seminars, including The Art Institute Chicago (2000), Salzburg Global Seminar (2004) and Berlin Brandenburg Academy (2007). In recent years, Liviana Dan has curated projects like: "In Full Dress" (with Alexandra Croitoru, Ana Lupaș, Lia Perjovschi, Doina Simionescu), "Ich habe keinen Zeitraum" (with Dan Perjovschi), "An artist, one day in the Brukenthal Palace" (with Sebastian Moldovan, Stephan Dö Susanne Tunn), "Catching Passages", "Plus Zwei" (a project presented at MKM, Duisburg), "Do not Complicate the Sleeping Baroque" (an art residency in collaboration with Casino Luxembourg and Kulturfabrik Esch-sur-Alzette). Project presented at Kunstraum Nö, Vienna or "Guests of Samuel von Brukenthal" (a workshop with students from the Art Academy in Geneva and Cluj-Napoca). Liviana Dan, together with Anca Mihuleţ, created the contemporary art platform during the program "Sibiu 2007, European Capital of Culture".

Dan Beudean was born in 1980 in Cluj-Napoca. He studied art at the University of Art and Design in Cluj. Today, Dan Beudean lives and works in Cluj-Napoca and is considered one of the best artists dedicated to drawing of his generation. Apart from his interest for drawing, Beudean has recently made a series of installations, sculptures and video works. Dan Beudean's creation has a visionary dimension and, like a medieval artist, he is preoccupied with nature, mysticism and symbolism. His interest, however, draws towards the historical dimension of the 21st century and its socio-political issues. Beudean's drawings capture even the smallest details, regardless of the format chosen, focusing on the physical and spiritual destiny of the contemporary man. Dan Beudean is a critical but subtle observer of the man's attempt to dominate nature in his attempts to acquire it artificially. He admires, however, the perpetual explorational effort that underlies contemporary society.

The Artist and Himself at 29 (TAH29) is a trans-historical genome and a hyper-object that operates and co-activates humor and the retroactive irony as ways of addressing the place of change and action at the present time. Alex Mirutziu is part of this collective, with himself, the artist, at the age of 29. TAH29 is defined by a museological activity, as the artist who is the most inalienable when he replaces or enacting someone else, an observation that John Keats has fully assumed when he hacked his existence in a letter wrote to Richard Woodhouse. TAH29 breathes the phenomenology of the present and is left to gravitate by the notion of philosopher Graham Harman - a reality without presence.

Alex Mirutziu is an artist who, by means of performance, installation or text, is preoccupied with the way in which space is reoriented after finality has been reached. He uses design to bureaucratically manipulate and adapt personal and historical events with a philosophical arrest escorted by honesty. He created a collective - TAH29, with a hyper-object, more precisely with himself at the age of 29, and often activates in this structure. At present, his preoccupations for the symbiotic relationship between man and nature brings him closer, in a postmodern manner, to Romanticism. Beyond his artistic activity, Mirutziu is also interested in theoretical practices, collaborating with different artists, writers, musicians, designers, foreign philosophers or prestigious institutions. (Royal College of Arts, London, Von Kraal Theater, Estonia, Konstfack, Stockholm, Bezalel University of Art and Design, Tel Aviv)
www.alexmirutziu.com  /  www.theendofpanic.org

In the exhibitory context of the subject matter, Drummer in Cosmos will create an eclectic musical set, resonating deeply with the theme proposed by the curator and implicitly with the works of Dan Beudean, Alex Mirutziu and The Artist and Himself at 29.

Throughout his 20 year musical career, Drummer in Cosmos succeeded in perfecting his understanding and performance of his music genre of choice: techno. Its sets are inspired by the intergalactic sounds, the interlace of their frequency spectrum and the oscillation of artificially generated nature sounds. Sharpened with subtle valences of pitched down techno, the magic of his music succeeds in giving the audience a transcendental experience.

This event is supported by: Moritz Eis, Crama la Salina, Polydis Romania, Calabria Entertainment, ramaria.

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